inner voice

An Aimless Detour

The winter eve so sublime and revering, I sit there bewildered with you beside me
Wondering how harmonious things
could be even when they are just
sooo wild and free!
Willows and greenness, water
of the swamp
The silent breeze that flows along,
The tossing and wandering
weeds the water lilies swaying I see,
Just where they are, just what
they want to be.
The trunks that arch over that
soothing gentle gust of air
where it meets the cold clear
loch tickling them then and there,
that jitter into waves,retreating
waters that meet whispering
few melodious parodies…
Silent as a dream it seems,
peaceful to the deepest glimpse
Those tiny living creatures,
not aimlessly, seek
what is just so important,
the little needs to live.
Stay with me , let these yet mystify
I want to share them with you
hold the time passing by
Can you see the slender twigs
in a pattern drifting ashore?
Can u count the water birds
that sweep merrily galore?
Hidden were these after
the dusk, before the dawn,
As welcoming as always in
natures canvas it’s drawn
Stay with me, let them just be
Lets breath in this magnificent
enamor of mystery.
Praptishree Sahu
Armed Forces , Jammu


sssThis too shall pass
Together, we’ll cross
The gruelling test of Lord
With our strong chords
Sitting there with books alone
I realised it’s of no use to groan
Indeed a champion and fighter you are
Pain, suffering , hunger no bar
Time, the greatest healer and leveller
Validator and stellar
Look what it did to us, oh Lord
At home which we adored
Doesn’t seem like our place
As it’s without your Grace
Once a sweet home
Has left me alone
Biting me every time
As if I’ve committed a crime.
Perforced, four of us, are at different stations
Making our own preparations
In distress, the soulmates are together
Fighting troubles and hard weather
Your aches and pain I can’t feel
But staying with him it’ll heal
And your teenagers sitting at different places
Indulged in work’s races
Now are each other’s support
Since they share a great rapport
Praying day and night for your recovery
Unknowingly, I made a discovery
Universal is the suffering
Across the board and all embracing
My agony is hard to delineate
Inside me it perdures and reverberate
Hard exams we have to give
In order to survive and live
Let’s see if we are victorious
I feel the results will be glorious.
This too shall pass
Together we shall cross
The gruelling test of Lord
With our strong bonds and chords !!!!!!!!
Aditi Choudhary


I was sitting in the garden
Hoping for a pardon
For the mistake which I played
because of which my success delayed
I was sitting under a tree
With a mind totally free
My mind was not thinking
Only my eyes were blinking
Only one question plain
Was running through my brain
What was nature’s holy plan
To bring harmony and brotherhood
among man???
The man did so much development
to slake his thirst
But what happened in the last,
the beauty of nature is on the way to burst
Oh how much pollution man is going to fill
On this Earth which he wants to kill
You and I together can
Bring harmony among man
And fulfill nature’s holy plan
To bring harmony among man
Divyveer Singh Manhas
K C Public School