inner voice


In the dark days,
You will learn how to live happy days,
In the world of negative,
Be a sunshine in hurricanes
Hatred is known,
Tell ’em about contentment.
In the mindset of bad memories,
Count your blessings.


Standing there at seven
With energy driven.
I saw a ragpicker
Neither he did flicker
With a bag heavier
than his weight
He couldn’t walk straight
He was filthy and a mendicant
He was running errand
I looked into his eyes
And turned away thrice
What could be the reason?
Ask this gloomy season
Was I too afraid?
Looking at him I refrain
Or the society is to be blamed?
Should they be shamed?
For the condition he’s in
Which is grim
But full of dream
Or he himself is the reason
For being without any vision
Putting the garbage in a
round basket
Whose colour
was like casket
Placed on his cycle
Meant to recycle?
Much harder it was to drag
For it was full of rag
Longer he didn’t stay
Slowly he peddled away!!!
Aditi Choudhary
Class 12 APS

One leg and no arms

One leg and no arms
is this girl’s story,
How she survived to
grow teenaged?
Now one artificial leg
makes her somewhat easy,
Firstly she pranced and walking
She managed.
Now she won hundred
metres race,
Her parents helped a lot
to their dear,
With will-power,
she covered this space,
Parents for bath, dress,
toilet paid all care.
Parents to this darling take for
Nature’s gift
Lavished love and care on
her day and night,
Tried to make her happy and
healthy and fully fit,
So that their darling daughter
grows nice and bright.
For her arms for Medical help
they try,
So that their child becomes
bold and not shy
P N Peer