inner voice

Raksha Bandhan

Only distances are far,
but our hearts are not.
The respect and love we
share is what we have always got.
There is a bond that we share,
And above all I wish for your care,
It will always be my case,
I want to see happiness
and joy on your face.
There is a bond of love
and bond of togetherness.
You know how special
you are in my life.
On Raksha Bandhan,
I wish u a lot of success.
And feel proud that
you are my loving sister
Sahildeep Singh Raina



Along with the winds flows the music of life,
In the depth of nature you can take a dive.
Warm drops of rain can thaw a frozen heart,
The life outside is a human’s second part.
Selfless love, friendship, hard work, everything
We learn from nature’s beloving morning.
Lives cross roads, meet, care and then separate,
Turning points are present in everyone’s fate.
We have seen love and trust fade
with each passing day,
Crying hearts and hands that
remain bare even today .
But don’t worry because:-
Sun sets but every morning it comes back,
Setbacks don’t men its something you lack.
And God’s plan you don’t really need to suspect,
Because rain falls even when you don’t expect.
Just like answers hidden in nature’s depth
Are found slowly and not in a single breath,
Keep patience and do wait with belief
All your mysteries will be solved
and you’ll get relief.
In your heart always keep the flame of hope alive,
The strength of your belief can even change a life.
And warmth of goodness
will come even if you don’t expect ,
Because true emotions gain even God’s respect.
Avnika Pandita


Broken Trust

Breaking trust is a norm
Every relation is torn
When people show their form.
Oh Lord! the time came in my life
When friendship was torn in strife .
Inspite of warnings,
I proceeded with faith every morning.
Then one day, trust was broken,
And I was shaken.
How hurt it feels ,
When true faces are revealed.
Everything seems to be fraud
Under whose pressure I fear to drown.
Now, emphasizing my feelings in silence
No desire I have thereby for vengeance .
Now hot and cold seasons
Compel me to think for reasons.
Why trust is betrayed ?
And relations are destroyed
They say, trusting completely a person
Either gives you a person or lesson for life
And I got the latter
I got the lesson for life.
Broken Trust thus closes the heart here
With time the greatest healer
Until new trust and faith is found once again
Aditi Choudhary