inner voice


Carve your destiny by mending your way
Hit your weeknesses hard as these
are going to pay
Who says, nothing can be achieved with hardwork
It’s after facing struggles,
one gets a jerk
Nothing is impossible,
nothing is far away
When one is determined,
every hardship is going to repay
One who sees neither
night nor even a day
Always gets rewarded by
keeping patience array
No matter what’s in fate,
what’s pre-destined
Whatever ill may happen,
one tends to realign
Anu Gupta


Life says
Shh! Shh! Shh!
All about happiness and sorrow
Don’t cry
Every now and then
Experience me
As I come to you
And never feel hopeless
in odd situation
Situation and circumstances
are never permanent
They keep on changing
Though troubles in this world
are so many
But with patience
Most of the problems
Becomes experiences
Which help in
Living life successfully
Kiran Kanchan


Send me back,
To let me comply,
All your commandments,
I admit I was wrong,
Have spent my time in vain,
Now again if thou let me
Retrace my path, I will leave
No stone unturned
To abide by thy obligations,
Follow the manners of thy prophet.
“Stop murmuring,
Enough time were you allotted,
Nowe face for what you have done,
The world is over,
The earth is gone
You can’t be again sent down”
Man would regret his idling away,
The time once given,
To brace for the day.
Ashiq Hussain Rather


They bleed blood, I bleed tears,
I shed rhymes of my cosmic fears.
They breathe air, I breathe despair.
I feel warmth of my palpable care.
They write words, I write emotions.
I pen down my own lonely oceans.
They speak sweet, I speak pure.
To this hatred, I have become inure.
They seek blessings, I seek blights.
I confront my stress in silent nights.
They think egotistical, I think modest.
My shadow, my crony in the oddest.
They have disdain, I have indulgence
Real eyes realize the real lies hence.
Antriksh Sehgal