Inner Voice (26-09-2021)

A Thought

I thought and thought over a thought
And finally thought of writing a thought
The thought I thought
Was not something people thought
They thought that the thought
Must never be thought
But I thought of that thought
And thought to move on that thought
‘Cause the thought of that thought
Was a wonderful thought
And I wanted it to be a thought
Which other people also thought.
Even the thought of that thought
Was a thoughtless thought to some thoughts
Still the thought dominated my thoughts
But a thought kept troubling my thoughts
What if my thought remained a thought?
Prevailing thoughts aren’t thoughtless thoughts
Shall I give up my thought?
This thoughtful thought
Became a thoughtless thought
‘Cause another thought needed a thought
Finally a thought
Which was just a thought
Was no longer just a thought
It became a thought
Which other people also thought.
Apiksha class 12,
MHAC Nagbani


One’s Hardwork
One’s Family members
One’s lovely Neighbors
And one’s magnificent friends .
All put together
A unique combination
A predominant source .
Unique force multipliers
Of one’s success
And good health
All much better than wealth .
No way
And never in anyway
With them part ways.
Remain uniquely blended
And enjoy all pleasures.
Above all happiness profound
One found .
Worth millions cost wise
One gained enough.
So relax
And enjoy all the pleasures.
Being together
A great treasure of richness
One must enjoy the most
And achieve success
And remain blessed.
Col Parmjit
Sainik colony