Inner Voice


Life is just a lie
Keep tryi’n – tryi’n and in the end you’ll die !
Sweating hard to get a future bright
Making hell looks a beautiful sight.
Coming close to some
And then pushing them away,
Loving till the moon
Hides the scared face away.
Being scared about the future
And been arrested in the past!
The ‘now’ is missing
Life suffering with illusional blasts.
Forget to love ourselves
And our priorities are turning grief,
Everyday we are stealing ourselves
Becoming our own thiefs.
Keep the process easy
Inhale every part of your breath light!
Keep the bucket of bullets away
Give yourselves an arduous fight.
B’Cause all your life is just a lie
Just a lie

Pertikshan Pandhotra
GDC Kathua (Ghagwal)


How Blessed I am to have a champ like you,
Through whom I could see
my dream come true,
I know the pains you have been through,
Hard work pays and you proved it true…..
This moment I will cherish till my last,
All the shortcomings are the talks of past,
I would like to see you grow fast.
May the Gods be always on your side,
Come what may you have to stride,
I know the fact you have always tried,
And that’s the reason you have my pride…..
Now the morn is new and so are you,
Long live the parents who nurtured you,
Be the man that has been taught to you

Kulbhushan Gupta
on e-mail


Burger, fries and pizza
With thanda coca-cola
Idli, dosa and sambar
With a can of coca-cola
Because am a Foodie Panda.
McDonalds, Burger King
Or a Dominos pizza
My favourite favourite places
Because am a Foodie Panda.
Good mood or a Bad mood
Stressed out or a Night out
Chicken fried or tandoori
With fire shots of
Tequila and Vodka
Because am a Foodie Panda.
Chocolate Truffle or red velvet
A cone of mint coco or badam kesar
Rasgulla, ras malai or gulab jamun
Best way to end a meal
Because am a Foodie Panda.

Charvi Kalsotra


Once, in a dark night
An old fellow, collecting his sight,
Saw the black cross on his trunk,
Seeing this all made his heart shrink
Then slowly, moving its leaves to wail,
Called his Lord, asking how did he fail?
Tomorrow it would be cut,
By some, wacky, awful stuff.
The axe would go through the stomach,
And Lo! goes a mighty man,
With the tool, called axe,
But O man, stop a while
Let it enjoy the last night of his years
Let it recount all his fears,
Let it ruffle all his leaves,
Let all the twigs to be weaved
Let all his fruits cling with him in sorrow,
As they wouldn’t see him tomorrow,
O the tree, O my goodness
Let the tree be forgiven.
Those mighty creatures with hands and feet
Scare the scene, even the birds’ tweet
Then how can, you, my
green man, survive
And also let your young ones thrive?
So simply, I would conclude,
Let the tree enjoy his last day,
as per his mood

Achyutam Sharma