inner voice


Besides thorns, learn to smile,
To thorns don’t criticise.
Flowers over the thorns bloom,
Say to all don’t gloom,
Thorn is gloomy, flower is a boom,
If thorn is goon, flower is still a boom,
Always smile morning or afternoon.
Amidst thorns, flowers grow and shine,
This is a blessing in disguise,
Hate the sin, but not the sinner,
If you lose nothing, you are a winner.
Thorns earn hate, when to
somebody they prick
Beside thorns we grow, is the trade trick,
Flowers say with thorns you must click,
Whether they click or do not click,
Wonderful association, you all will have is a trade trick.
Why there are thorns,?
In that case from success,
there is digression,
Say no to aggression and
yes to progression,
Follow this Principle and
don’t suffer any retrogression,
Smiles you multiply,
Towards the sky all  will fly,
Follow this, if not at least try,
Spread happiness and do not feel shy,
And all the times, don’t cry,
Say to solve the problem, I will try,
You are human being that’s why?
Col Parmjit (Retd)
Sainik Colony


All objects thou see
Are transitory
Joys and worries,
Are transitory.
Successes or failures,
Days and nights
Life and death,
Childhood and youth,
Health or disease
Boons or banes,
Sweet or sour
Good or bad,
Honour or dishonour,
Love or hate,
Beauty or ugliness,
Gain or loss,
Richness or poverty,
In a nutshell,
Earthly life
Is transitory
Once it is exhausted,
Turns eternity,
One is saner,
One must brace,
For eternity.
Ashiq Hussain Rather

i distanced from you….

I distanced from you because I love you,
and love need no reason it just happens..
I distanced from you because we’ll never become ‘us.’
You’ll always be ‘you’ and I as always ‘me..
I distanced from your because you
belong to someone else,
some soul apart from me….
I distanced from you because we’re
connected but not one,
We’re together yet miles apart…
I distanced from you because we
walk the same path but with
different destinies…
I distanced from you because I
doubt my strength to bear the pain,
the pain of truth, the truth of our
separation one day….
Asif Noor Nizam