INNER VOICE (25-07-2021)

Second World

Having all dreams in like nothing,
This teaches me everything.
Everyone has two characters,
One character that is before me.

Showing love to me,
But really has hatred for me.
Showing warm comfort smile to me,
But really wanna kill me.

Person is one having two characters,
Why you God, made world like this.
For their own pleasure, they hurt someone.
For their own fun, spoil others fun.

It’s great that world have also great persons.
But I wish all people know to love each other.
Know that hatred just brings destruction,
God tell the world meaning of love.

I don’t know why people like to harm others.
It’s like no mercy exists in the world.
Smypathy , honesty , humanity these words,
Having no space in this cruel world.

I wish a miracle happen,
People start loving each other.
Hatred in the world have no space,
Everyone should smile and live life happily.
– Garima Verma

Mother-A blessing !!

Mother is the gift of God,
She loves us a lot.
She punishes us when we make mistakes
And asks us not a repeat them again.
She expects us to always do right,
And wants our result bright.
Always work hard-she teaches
And never wants us to cheat.
Mother is full of love,
She wants her children to fly as high as a dove.
Bhumika Lakhotra
Miran Sahib, Jammu

I Never Give My Pen

I swear,
My pen, I can’t share.
In fact, no one can dare
To touch my pen
When I am not there.
I am not a person with greed,
But I can’t fulfill anyone’s pen need.
Whether I have one or ten,
I never like to give any of them.
It’s my own thought,
I am not afraid of what you think about me,
Better to have your own pen brought.
Never ask it from me, I consider it my own crime,
I will clearly deny it the next time.
– Sahaj Sabharwal