inner voice


I will,  I will meet u again! I will meet u with the
best of me and the same of you as this is who
is enough and fulfilling. I will meet when I will
be the one to across oceans for u and u will be
who you are and not other way around. I will
meet u like the way fullness of moon meets the
height of tides! I will meet u with all the thrill in
me and all the sparks of thunderstorn, Neither
I promise a calm sail nor a roller coaster ride
but I will meet u here again. I will meet u when
it would be our time. When I will be imperfect
yet perfect for you, when I would be the one
who like the sun will die every night for its love
to rise at nights, when you will be the dark and
I’ll be the guiding light because until now I
learned from the best of luminary might!Yes, I
will meet you and love you like u did, as this
time wasn’t for your love to win. But sure your
love was true and no sin. There will be a time and
and it will be ours. I will meet you when it will
be that time and when Our story would start
from “once upon a time” and end with “happily
ever after” and not “Happily ever after is so
once upon a time!”

The resolution

The warbling of Christmas carols
reminds me of the end of the year,
The time was spent merrily; let us cheer.
In my coffee-mug, some coffee I swirled;
And mulled over what contribution have I made in this world.
Proud of the accomplishments; sad on the things that went down swinging,
Soon did I realize that’s just a beginning.
The taunts and jibes of people sometimes bring me to tears,
My God will take revenge on them, let us not fear.
How mellifluous and seasoned have I turned in this single year,
The life is moving on so fast; at times I fear.
Wonder I now and again, “Over all these years how much did I mellow”,
All of a sudden life cries out, “There are many more things you need to learn and know.”
Proceeding towards maturity and perfection is still an effort,
Silently am I trying to perceive the meaning of                   existence in this vast desert.
Let us handle this adorable life with love and care,
Let us resolute to be good and
have firm faith in prayer.
Chetna Mahajan
Assistant  Professor
University of  Jammu


Oh, Twenty-first century,
Wish you a happy eighteenth year.
Get the best of your
Reaching adulthood!
O, my dear timeline,
Please accept my thanks
For taking us from
The Jurassic Age….
To the Neolithic Age….
To the age of Digitalhood…
O, endless Time…
Let our journey of
Charaibeti continue….
So that we may
Attain more and still
More perfect humanhood!
Sujit De


I saw a rabbit in a snare,
Once was a part of beautiful pair.
Today he is alone,
But, all alone.
He tries to get up,
Can’t and gives up.
A painful sight,
Worthless to get up was his fight,
Can I help him slight,
What he is going through is a horrible plight.
If I speak to his master,
To set him free,
He will go scot free,
Will not be relieved of his pain,
Stays in the cage, his master takes,
Care of him is all the gain.
So, I kept quiet,
His pain he got to fight,
Let the rabbit go through his plight,
Which of course is no delight,
God may bless him, he recovers soon,
Which will be a big boon.
He is writhing in pain,
His broken leg gives him lot of pain,
Wanted to help him, how I Can?