Inner Voice (17-10-2021)


I saw a student,
When I was a teacher,
In very simple dress,
And attractive feature.

He was hard working.
And most intelligent
With extra ordinary qualities
He was most diligent

He lived in a village
Lacking every facility
He continued his studies,
Inspite of his poverty.

He always paid regards,
To his elders and masters.
Gradually he obtained,
The degree of a doctor

He enlightened his family,
And is serving the society,
He gained the respect,
And won the popularity.
His life partner,
Is unique personality,
Most deep impression,
With sense of dignity

Her attitude is sympathetic,
She is an idol of simplicity,
Her dealings are effective,
She never feels haughty.

She gives respect to elders.
And “love’ for the younger,
She is an able teacher,
And a perfect mother.

They encouraged me,
In time of distress,
They showed love and respect,
That I can’t express.

I pray to “God”.
For their happy and long life.
With their lovely chaps,
Both husband and wife.

Vidya Rattan Sharma
Nagrota Gujroo


So much of grief to pour out.
So much of love to soak in.
There are gaps with blur bridges of hope.
Waiting for you to hold up the hanging rope.
Standing at this end I see the other end at the distant way
But the blur bridge distorts the hope of holding onto the ray.
Some questions will never find their answers
And some answers will be given without putting up the questions
The fumbling words have an uneasiness
Maybe they’re too afraid to be pulled out.
The dark woods and the crunch of the autumnal leaves refer to a story
A story of an abysm in the depth of its beliefs but still being unknown.
There are timid epiphanies of love and light
Fading their texture-out of the imaginative might.
The other end has a faith rising into the myriad spectrum of vivid lights.
There’s someone still there waiting for you to hold onto the other end.
For the blur of bridges never stays
As the darkness of the night fades away.
Divyanshi Sharma
Greater Jammu