Inner Voice (16-10-2022)


First shape of a girl is called “Daughter”.
Daughters are always better than Sons.
Daughters are the Chirags of two homes
Whileas sons are only chirag of one home.
Second shape of a girl is called “Wife”.
No education without college; no life without wife.
Third sacred shape of girl is called “Mother”.
There is nothing in the world without mother.
Great men like Shivaji, Subashji, Gandhiji and Napolean
owed their greatness to their educated mothers.
Home is better if mother is educated.
Mother is considered to be the most important
wheel in the family vehicle.
Her morning doesn’t start with the rising Sun.
Since she gets up very early in the mornings.
Her contribution towards the upliftment of her
children is unique and unmatchable one.
The popular slogan ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’ is
always commendable by all sorts of people.
Tara Chand Bhagat

Birthday Wishes

Leave the worries it’s time to cheer
I’m writing this for you after a year
Another year older and wiser you are
You sparkle in night like a shining star
You spread positivity with your presence
Your eyes reflect your innocence
There is some magic in your personality
Unique and unmatched is your quality
I wish you get everything you desire
Just spread your wings and fly higher
I’m writing this rhyme quite sincerely
That happiness and joy fill your birthdays yearly
Here is wishing you all the fun Tarandeep Singh
Trust me you are the number one.
Singhpura Miran Sahib


Leaves are turning orange, brown,
Fragrance of pumpkin lattes fill this town,
Photos with aesthetic brown hues,
Our fall polaroids are due,
Exchanging annotated books,
Fall make-up looks,
Baking pumpkins pies,
Lying down under the starry night,
Decorating our walls,
Driving to the mall,
Lying down on the bed,
Listening to the girl in red,
Going for a late night strolls,
Pretty much why I love the fall.
Sanvi Rajput
9th, GDG PS, Gurugram