inner voice

 Rising Prices

From shoes to slippers,
Prices are rising day by day,
The sleeping govt. is yet to say,
Many NGOs and common people are protesting day by day,
The rich are become richer,
While the poor are becoming more poor,
From the snacks we fry,
To the cloths we try,
Are rated so high,
That even the rich do cry,
Whether it is snap deal or Paperfry.
Online stores are rated too high,
O! my God,
Show me some way,
With which I can keep this problem at a bay.
Arnav Sharma
BRV School, Udhampur

NO Regrets

Walk walk all alone
Listen those roads
You walking along
Don’t look back
Once you get ready
With your bag pack
Be straight always
You will find thousand ways
To get through tough
Give up the innocence now
Turn yourself hard rough
Bad mouthing their reality
Don’t pay attention to cruelity
Turn your eyes tight
Try to ignore the sight
Will get supressed
Try hard to be expressed
Play hard
Just go guard
Don’t ever give up
It’s time to live up
Don’t turn back
Hold the cup
With the snack
Feel the lovely vibe
Take the breath to dive
Good luck fella
Smoke everything like cigerrates
Be a man with
“No Regrets”.
Anil Rajgotra

I Miss You Papa

You never said “I am leaving”
You never said “Goodbye”
You were really gone before I knew it
But only God knew why!
There are no words to  tell you,Papa,
What I really, feel inside!
The pain,the shock,the hurt,
the anger,the tears
I know might gradually subside.
It completely broke my heart to lose you
But you didn’t go all alone
For part of me went with you,Papa,
The day when God took you from home
A million times I’ll need you papa
And a million times I’ll cry till my last breathe
If God and love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died!
Nothing is for granted in this unreal world
But the truth;I reveal is that
Papa,I loved you infinite in my life
And I love you still in death
And  miss you a lot
You hold such a place in my heart that no one could ever fill
I know,Papa, things would
never be the same
And Life would never be the same
It really hurts so bad
But one thing is very sure
I will always smile whenever
I hear your name
And feel very proud because
You were my real hero
You were my best friend
And above all,You were my Papa
No doubt The Best Dad one ever had!
Ambica Gupta
Lecturer in English
Govt Degree College(Boys)