Inner Voice


Someone came near my ear,
And then I had something to hear.
“I am the one who can make you upset,
I am the one who is loved at sunset.
The only who can make you count your strength and weaknesses,
And u cannot describe me in few sentences.
I make you realize that you don’t have a good friend.
I am the only one you you’ll find always at your stand.
Now that I am with you use me in a positive sense,
Don’t waste your time and feel my essence.
Make me your friend and utilize your time,
I am the one who’ll accompany you whole life.
Be comfortable with me and leave away your stress,
Now you have a new friend that is LONELINESS.”

Neha Sharma
Jammu University.

You Are My Inspiration

You are my inspiration
Stirring are the waves of ocean
At the sight of full moon
So are my feelings and emotions
Seeing your smile in full bloom
Jumps with joy with life’s aspiration
Knowing that you are my inspiration
Dancing are the bees feeling romantic
Seeing the buds blossoming into flowers
So is my heart feeling exotic
Seeing your lips of sweet nectar
Skips a heart beat in expectation
Knowing that you are my inspiration
Singing are birds feeling the joy
Seeing the spring ushering new season
So is my soul soaring high
Seeing your cheeks made of orison
Gives me the feelings of adoration
Knowing that you are my inspiration

Ankush sharma(aryan)


‘Tulmul’ – the sanctimonious abode of ‘Kheer Bhawani’ –
the benevolent Mother Goddess who
chose the Chinar island surrounded
by cool and crystalline rivulets, brooks, rills
and a sacred Spring oozing nectar divinely…
‘Shiv’ – the Lord of Lords and Maa Bhawani’s incarnations
in ‘Raghya’, ‘Sharika’, ‘Sharda’, ‘Zeshtha’
along with serene seers, peers, saints and sages
in ‘Ropa Bhawani’, ‘Lallleshwari’, ‘Peer Padshah’ preferred to
meditate at Kashyap land for divine deliberations…
Lucky are its people, lucky is the land
where ‘Maa Durga’ in her esteemed incarnation
rested and meditated to erase the sufferings
of her devotees who worship her day
and night to receive mercy errand…
Involuntarily, Kashmiri Pandits on this auspicious day
throng the ‘Spring Shrine’ in a theosophical
hustle of devotion, pay humble obeisance
of lucid love at the lotus feet
and wait for the panacea shower at a blissful bay…
The charismatic shimmering spring at Her feet
changes colors since times immortal;
while reciting holy hymns devotees oblate
milk, curds, sweets and fragrant flowers,
pray for the benign benevolence in whispering tweet…
To fast on routine food is not sufficient;
curtailment of hunger and thirst for lust,
greed and corruption, to shun the ego, anger
and apartheism is the immortal apotheosis;
to sermon spirituality makes a piety divinely magnificent…
Before my last breath I desire to visit
the ‘Holy Shrine’ on the floating island
of Kashmir, inhale the spiritual fragrance
of eternal Mother to refresh and rejuvenate
the degenerated body and mind from the mist…

Dr. Roshan Saraf


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