Inner Voice (14-11-2021)

My Sunshine !!

When I’m at my best , I’m my father’s daughter
A father whose credos are strong and vision is broader
A father whose outlook is influential
Who always motivates me to reach my potentials
A father who encourages me in everything I do
Even in my smallest happiness whose joy lies too
A father whose approach towards life inspires me a lot
Even for my little achievements who applauds
A father who believes in me and my capabilities
Who sacrifices a lot to provide me all facilities
A father who doesn’t overlook my mistakes but holds me accountable
Who desires to see me as a person quite sophisticated n sensible
A father on whom my world begins and ends
I promise I’ll try my best to meet all your aspirations
Thankyou Dad for being a fantastic mentor a d my greatest inspiration
In nutshell, your aura is incredibly divine
In the world full of darkness, you are my ray of sunshine !!
Shiv Shakti Sunaina

O My Teachers

O my teachers, you always show your grace,
You are the great, no one can take your place.
When time was tough
You did not give up,
From morning to noon
You came from classroom to zoom.
When outside was danger,
You were fronline worker,
You proves your nature,
That you are the teacher.
In every field you never hesitate,
O my teacher you are the great.
When nation calls, you are always ready.
During this Pandemic you helped needy.
Your selfless service
Always be honoured.
Your work round the clock will never be ignored.
I salute you zeal and passion,
I always respect you and your profession.

Satish Chandel
Sr. Lecturer in Physics
Govt. HSS Jakhbar (Kathua)

“Live life”

To live life
Is the greatest temptation
And to get love in life
Is the greatest expectation
But the reality of life
Is somewhat different
Sometimes stars are in our favour
But at other time
Luck may not favour us
But then also
Life runs the race
And it moves on
Because to be active
And to keep going
Is the good quality
Of life
And being unfamiliar
With its own self
It tries to explore
Its every aspect
And the truth
That is revealed
By time and its active participation
Makes life more lively
And worth living.
Kiran Kanchan