Inner Voice


Heard had I many years ago
that death too causes pain
but after 16 years of my life, realised it
when I couldn’t see you again….
I still remember how much I
made you dance at my each tune, then
why did you leave me here now
to cry and cry all alone?
you did so much for me tirelessly
day in and day out
you were God’s angel
For me, no doubt.
Like the bright golden sun
illuminates the violet skies
your million dollar smile
lit up our darken lives.
You did save me from
All scoldings of mom and dad
Now who’ll let me hide behind
When I’m sad….
Now with whom will I
Share all my secrets deep
Yes, Nani ma, it was only you
Who to her heart did keep.
I know how much you’ve suffered
With that cruel disease eating you from within
Though you fought like a brave soldier
Yet, did the demon ultimately win
Though you’re now far away,
One of the glittering star
Yet you will be always in my heart
And never ever too far…..

Shyamli Saina


I remember the time, we met..
Complete strangers we were,
Nothing to lose..
And nothing to get……
Much time has passed, since then..
We laughed and cried,
Each moment brought us close..
Don’t know how,what or when……
You held my hand,and made me grew..
Your gentleness, patience & love,
Makes u distinct and sheeny..
Just as the drops of dew……
What a quaint sight it would be..
Long walks & beach side,
“YOU n ME” with..
The shackles of world set free……

Sheena Bhat
MMU Ambala


Tell Me
Why do things always happen this way
why does my heart choose to stay closed
why can’t you hear my pain
this is all I ask
hear me again
hear my cries at night
help me face my fears tonight
so tell me
why can’t I find you again
why can’t you be here when I need you
no one understands
who I am
where I’ve been
where I’m going
why do things always happen this way
but I now understand
no one gets me
what I need
what I want
people can’t see
I’m a girl in need
hear my plea……….

Dhaneshwar Bastola
Govt. Hr. Sec.School, Rehal


I remember, I do remember
The sweet fragrance of Past
Which has passed silently & quickly
And those moments of childhood
Are moving here & there
In my memory lane connected to soul
Passed moments are touching my heart
Just like my friend keeps his hand on my shoulders
How many weathers are coming in memory
Rain comes, and black umbrellas are on
The days become blazing when summer arrives
How much pleasing is the sunlight of winters!
Every moment, there is a stream of time, which is just flowing away
When the darkness of aloneness fades away
How many faces start twinkling around
There is a poem of my mother (lori)
And my childhood’s sleep has returned
Every moment, a new happening from past is coming in my memory
It seems that a path has developed in my heart
And that path goes from my present to past

Umar Farooq Beig
GCET Jammu