inner voice


You can climb any mountain
You can bear any pain,
You can fail and again try
Show tears or not, you can cry,
But letting it go is the toughest
Believe me!
You can survive like’s worst phase
You can win any race,
You can be anything you dream
You can shout, you can scream
But letting it go is the toughest,
Believe me!
You can overcome your worst fear
You can listen to God if u hear,
You can become one if u preach
You can be a bird,
anywhere u can reach
But letting it go is the toughest,
Believe me!




Life is nothing but a gamble
In which you either win or lose
A smart player gets to be the winner,
Others have to pay their dues
The world becomes your audience
They see you place your bets
You put everything at stake
And pretend you have no regrets.
You put your mind and
soul in the game
You make sure you
ever step is right
Alas! You realize,
you took a wrong turn
And you find yourself in
the dead of the night
Now the ghost of the
past comes to you
It tells you to have a
look at your mistakes
You feel sorry.
What will you do now?
Thinking about tomorrow
your heart aches
Then, you wipe your tears
and come out of your trance.
No longer will you cry and plead
So what if your life is a gamble,
Grab another table,
who knows,
you might succeed.
Ayushi Mahajan



To pass life is sign of weakness
Most of  us pass life brave live life
Circumstances do not disturb brave
Brave adjust life to make worth living
To pass life is wastage of time
To live life is to enjoy life
Never pass life, utilize time
Time lived well, give pleasure
To live life, make journey
of life pleasant
Living life is antidote of pass time
Idle brain pass time
occupied live life
Pass time is to throw time
in waste basket
Journey of life become throny
Make journey rosy, by living life
S.P. Gandotra
109/1 Trikuta Nagar,


          UnforgetTable udhampur


It’s been seven years away
from my motherland,
But still the memories of
Udhampur are unforgettable,
My school and temples near
Devika River are still fresh
in my memories,
Kalari, cheese and food
made by mom is the
best in the world,
Dogri folk songs now also
bring tears in my eyes
and I miss you my Udhampur,
I am proud to be born
in Udhampur and
I thank God for giving
me the best family,
One day, I am sure,
I will make Udhampur proud.
Anish Kumar
Vit University, Vellore, India