inner voice

                                      WHO AM I…?

I am screaming
To break free from the shackles of slavery,
Which have bound me,
To thee, a cruel “Godlike” master.
I am beaten up and tormented,
And humiliated and whipped,
And burnt and lynched,
And castrated . . .
To devoid me of my own identity!
I call upon my Saviour,
But I forget that I am unprotected.
My God is a white God,
And I am BLACK,
Gruesome, grotesque, tar-like black!
I ask, Who am I?
The white God answers –
“You are like an unfortunate baby,
Born impaired,
Who cannot be wiped out from earth by Me,
Who has to live,
To carry the burden of life,
Who is a liability on Me,
And the entire mankind,
But who has to live nonetheless!”
Aghast and sweating,
Till the sweat has “glowed” my face,
And the drops of sweat have penetrated my skin,
Eyes wide, shining with fear; open-mouthed,
I wake up and discern,
I am a white child,
Of a white owner, of a white plantation,
Of the white earth, of the white God.
But startled by the nightmare,
I think,
I think, what if . . .
I was BLACK?
Apoorva Shekher
Students of IP College
New Delhi




N’t a speek of cloud,
N’t a shred of shade
It’s a sweltering summer day,
And the June’s twenty first,
When all pant for breath
And the Sun has heat at its heart!
At its summit,
The swollen  ball of fire
Suffuses the parched earth with ferocity
And yet more its blazing beams
Scorch, as if, to death everything;
And verily, leave the planet
Shrivelled and yearning!
All wait for the rain to happen,
Dear rain, benign and bland,
Succours and sustains that life;
And ordains the world move
To keep the cycle albeit, abstruse
Of creation and destruction!
C L Bhatia
Kailash Vihar


   To be or not to be


To be or not to be
that is the questions
I know the answer
But I don’t dare ask
Part of me long for a response
Part of me already knows.
Wanting to be near you is all I know
My heart open up when you are near me
My soul takes flight
when you are near me
My imagination runs wild
When you are near me.
To be or not to be
That is the question
But I know the answer
Anju Kettish
Leesburg VA (USA)

   MY DREAM…!!!

To touch the sky isn’t my dream,
to reach so high isn’t my dream!!!
all I want to stay on the path,
where honesty, truthfulness remains my part!!!
Everyone is running a rat race,
achieving their goal by changing their face!!!
To run that race is not my dream!!!
To achieve such goals is not my dream!!!
In the path of honesty,many problems,
I know YOU!!! Your’ll give me solutions!!!
love, compassion, truthfulness are my attributes,
I’ll blessed; i do these to contribute!!!
To become noble is my dream!!!
To become sober is my dream!!!

Sukhjinder Singh Jasrotia