Inner Voice (10-04-2022)


Struggle is the most precious phase of life,
You’ll remember it till you survive.
While struggling, there’s no one behind your back,
Because usually , in struggling, support lags.
But , when you finally achieve it,
Then everyone, close or far, would start to believe it.
You have to struggle all alone,
This makes you realise that when you have nothing, there’s no one.
While struggling, you start to hide things from people,
As you think that they would make you feel dull .
Learning and struggling goes hand in hand,
Because Success does not come with a magical wand.
All successful people have struggled in their lives,
So, don’t get confused with their pretty smiles.
Mannat Sabharwal

At The End We’ll Die

We Take Birth And Enter This World With A Cry.
Even Small Things Make Us Happy I Don’t Know Why.
Our Parents Feel Proud When We Utter A Word.
As It May Be The Sound Of Mysterious Bird.
As We Grow Up The Responsibility Increases
The dreams the Childhood Memories Get Seized.
The Home Work New Assignments And Exams.
A Person Doing Articulation Of Unheard Program
Then During These Though Times Their Comes A Ray.
We Get Freezed Where ever We Stay.
The Flashbacks Of Her Beauty Came into Our Mind.
It’s The First Time When Feel Life Is So Kind.
After Few Semester’s You Get into A Relationship.
We Don’t Know How Our Life Took A Flip.
But This Time Will Not Last for long. Why?
Time is Passing On And “At The End We’ll Die”
Imran Bashir

More in me

There is more in me
Maybe because of you
There is more in you
Maybe because of me
You never can be superior to anybody else
You never can be perfect in everything
Oh, sorry no offense
You never should follow the path of violence and lies.
It will lead you straight to sadness and maybe you will have to bear that.
There is more in you
There is more in me
Jigisha Soni