Inner Voice (05-12-2021)

Tale of poverty….!

Under the blue mesmerizing sky
Holding a white void paper
With a pen of sadness in my hand
Let me pen down the tale of poverty;
Cute little boys and innocent crying girls
Heart is crying because they are poverty pearls
With the pale face along the untangled hair
They are naked as they have nothing to wear;
Chaped little lips and those cracked feet
They are very skinny with the lost meat
Just because of poverty they have to sip the tear
Nights are sleepless as poverty let them fear;
They too have the life but are very sad
All these scenes should make you feel bad
We use to see them cry, just for a bread
We are responsible for every tear they shed…..
Mehvish Noor


Clapping after watching others’s clap,
Hesitation in being as a pioneer,
under hands of others like puppets under nap.
Promoting someone after watching a trend in promotion,
Everyone is selfish, no respect of an emotion.
Following after watching a rapid growth noises,
Disrespecting our personal choices.
Boycotting after after watching a disliking trend,
We can’t analyse on our own and over majority’s opinion, we bend.
Having copyright on our own personality,
But still defaming it by hiding the reality.
Never used our own mind,
Having conscionable eyes but still copying an established way,
being blind.
Providing more to more,
And less to less, our reality is no more an asset score.
Sahaj Sabharwal


Always and everywhere do good
From humanity angle we all should .
And indeed
Succeed and get blessed .
Do selfless help
Help real help forthcoming help.
Of whatever kind
Broadly of four kinds.
The kinds never ever rescind .
The kinds of help are
Physical, psychological Social service and financial help.
Earn goodwill, good wishes
And best of luck
And feel blessed.
Rekindle hope amidst adversity
Hope generates positivity
And shuns negativity
Have no caste animosity.
There are thankless people too
We equally know too
Bear their travesty too.
Worry not
Carry on non stop
Forget those who care two hoots
And don’t bother
You too bother not.
Earn blessings enough
Though very tough
But better than dough.
Earn blessings in disguise
Before one dies.
Let people say
Aadmi accha tha.
The man was good
Worked for no fortune or fame
Earned a great name.
Col Parmjit
Sainik colony