Iniquitous response of Imran Khan to terror attack

How could , by employing any standard of ethics and fair play, any credence be given to the statement of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in connection with the dastardly terror attack of February 14 in Pulwama Kashmir? It seems quite strange that he chose to dish out a statement belatedly and that also even, at the outset, not condemning the attack let alone show any lip sympathy even for the bereaved Indian families. Any attempt to distance from the implicit and explicit involvement of Pakistan and its agencies in conspiring, planning and executing the attack of such a magnitude cannot ever be believed by anyone , least by India, which has been reeling under this type of menacing scourge for more than thirty years exported by that country and continuously sustained by it as its State policy.
It is, therefore, in the fitness of circumstances that India should out rightly reject and rubbish Pakistani Prime Minister’s comments , theatrics of “offer of talks on terror” and allied non issues which he tried to drag in to trivialise the gravity of the Pulwama attack and the intention behind it . Yes, he said nothing of the sort, absolutely nothing which could give a faint hint of any sincerity of purpose in containing terror and stopping its continuous support. That two main terror head mongers of Pakistan having earned enormous notoriety are living in that country and even reportedly provided State protection, are proofs sufficient to substantiate the confirmed information about their involvement in the attack. What is this melodrama all about in asking for “evidence of involvement” when dossiers after dossiers with foolproof evidences and confirmed documentation have been provided by this country say in respect of 26/11 Mumbai attack ? Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in this connection too asked Pakistan as to what action did that country take against the perpetrators after this country had provided so much of material which spoke clarity and pinpointed who the culprits were. Both the Governments, it may be recalled, the UPA followed by the NDA, provided plenty of accurate evidential material to Pakistan but its intentions in protecting rather than punishing the perpetrators is manifest in openly roaming of the masterminds and spewing venom against this country.
In respect of Pathankot attack of January 2016 , not only did this country provide clinching evidence to Pakistan but even at the cost of making a departure from the convention, Pakistani “investing team” was allowed to visit the site of the attack. What was the outcome? The fact that in India due process of justice had always been followed which was evident in Mumbai attackers given proper hearing and even legal aid should stir the conscience of the Pakistani establishment. Can Pakistan show a grain of action it had seriously taken on earlier evidence provided by this country , least to keep its terrorists at least at bay?
As would meet the ends of fair and befitting response from this country, Ministry of External Affairs in a statement said that India was not surprised that Imran refused to acknowledge the attack on India’s security forces in Pulwama as an act of terrorism . The offer to “investigate” the attack if provided proof has been described by India as a lame excuse. India’s response comprised seven points blasting Pakistan’s playing smart and calling its bluff of “retaliatory action”. How could otherwise also a neighbouring country afford not even to make a “pretext” of outright condemnation of the Jaish-e-Mohammed suicide bomber Pulwama attack was what Union Minister Arun Jaitley asked Pakistan at a cabinet briefing on February 19. Hence, Pakistan by all established accounts, is a nerve centre of terror and a threat to peace and progress of the civilized world.