Industrial package

This has reference to the news item ‘Centre approves Rs 296 cr work industrial package for J.K.’ DE June 12.
The Central assistance will give a new lease of life to the sick industrial sector in the State. The industrial sector has not flourished much here due to as number of reasons. The prominent being turmoil, and shortage of electricity. During the last 20 years, this sector received a great set back due to militancy in the State. As owners could not operate their units on regular basis due to strikes and curfews, they incurred great losses which they could not bear. As a result they closed their shops forever. Some however managed to run them despite losses. On the whole, this industries could not flourish in the State, as they did elsewhere in the country.
As the peace started returning the State, the entrepreneurs once against tried to revive their dyfunctional units. However, to do so is not easy for them. It requires constant aid in form of incentives.
It is because of Central package which to somewhat saved the sinking ship. To keep it float, it still needs some assistance.
Hopefully, the industrial package as has been sanctioned will help in its smooth sailing.
Yours etc…..
Romesh Jamwal


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