Indian Cricket

“The More, The Merrier” is a phrase that should bode well for a lot of things. But for the Indian cricket team, it is becoming a confusing exercise with no end in sight. Not long ago, India fielded two separate international standard cricket teams at the same time. Famously, Hardik Pandya remarked at the time that India could field two more teams that could win any competition in the world.
Musical chair for Indian Men’s cricket team has gone on longer than desired and must end now for India to have any chance of winning the upcoming ICC events
When it comes to talent, there is no debate regarding the talent India possesses and the IPL is a testimony to that. But coming to international cricket, the audition for places, especially in the batting department, has become confusing, if not amusing. International cricket is a supposed to be for the proven players, who can come in and perform consistently from the get-go and for that to happen, a player needs to understand the role clearly, be it a bowler or a batsman.
India now has a wide talent pool ready to play international cricket and there are back-ups developed for each position. However, with less than 8 months to go until the T20 World Cup in Australia and the ODI World Cup next year, what men in blue now need is to identify a set of 11 players with 5-6 back-ups who are most likely to feature in the upcoming World Cup and give the guys a consistent run.
India, as always, will enter the tournaments as one of the favourites, but for them to end the ICC trophy drought will require the team to play confidently and deliver when it matters most. And for that to happen, the musical chair needs to end now!
Abhinav Gandotra
on e-mail