Indian classical music suffers a great loss

Proud son of the soil, a calm composed and graceful Shiv Kumar Sharma , a legend in playing Santoor and mesmerising millions of people, is no more. With his passing away, a great loss has been suffered by the traditional Indian classical music and a void has been created which, perhaps, for decades cannot be filled by having such a maestro doing magic with the pair of mallets on the instrument he loved and rather adored his life throughout. A deeply religious man and giving spiritual interpretations in respect of music and its impact, basically hailing from old Jammu city, he endeared millions of people not only in Jammu and Kashmir, not only in the country but globally as well.
His professional dexterity and mastery had been acknowledged by the Film world as well where he felt ”inclined” to make his contribution to compose many movies . Even though not keeping good health for quite some time which he never gave any impression about publicly , he remained very active with his mission and life log passion of popularising the Santoor and invented many ragas as well. Only next week, he was scheduled to perform in Bhopal but a massive cardiac arrest snatched such a legend from us. The best tributes to the maestro will be taking further his mission of strengthening traditional Indian classic music and Santoor in particular. Our revered tributes to Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.