India Vs Pakistan Match or Soft War

Racchna Sharma
This article is about being responsible for the state we are in specially when it comes to India and Pakistan. It is about responsibility and accountability as leaders and citizens of a nation wanting national peace.
Yesterday was a very special day, 16. 06. 2019, A cricket Match between India and Pakistan. People were preparing for it for days in advance as if a tsunami was going to hit and they had to evacuate the sea shore or help people on the border and it was a war time. I have observed Hatred and Violence dressed beautifully in sophisticated air plane tickets, flags, speeches, social media, cricket stadium and every house hold in front of the Television. The Sarasawti Goddess was shamed by the same India who worships her. I am not sure if people forgot that here we (India) are struggling as a country to find peace at our border where countless people die every week.
And People of Pakistan have almost forgotten that their country is almost devastated with only few Pakistani Rupee in the Reserve Bank and loads of Debt, however the energy of people yesterday was like they are ruling the world. Yes ruling the world with hatred and vengeance for sure.
I read some social media tweets of people of Balochistan wishing luck to India and some people of Kashmir wishing luck to Pakistan.
As two countries when we do not have control over a professional cricket match, where spirit of sport should showcase more than spirit of war and animosity how can we achieve larger than life goal Peace ?
The aggressive and impatient sentiment of people could be seen people leaving their work and prioritites to watch India VS Pakistan Cricket match all for negative reasons. This kind of energy when it gets accumulated in the collective consciousness of a nation, then this is what it would give back. Apply Newtons third law of motion and be ready for its give back.
In 2019, when we all are educated and when science has proven these laws, why do not we apply our mind to it ?
Yesterday there was no sentiment of Sport in this match.
The cricketers and Cricket Captais were under tremendous pressure, their caricatures were made viral on social media.
#Surgicalstricke two was trending and Capitan Abhinandan’s cartoons were doing rounds. The humiliation this kind of match brings upon the loosing team, is far beyond anyones comprehension. They were on a cricket ground not on a war field. The entire spirit of sports was burnt to ashes yesterday.
On my recent visit to the famous Wagah / Atari Border, I observed similar kind of aggressive energy was being generated by exchange of loud patriotic music, dance and display of muscle power at both ends.
These kind of places and opportunities should be immediately turned around in to showcasing values of brotherhood, unity and future possibilities in case of peace between two countries. The caricatures and cartoons can carry an innovative message on Unity and Peace. ……yes the cricket match also can contribute to this peace building exercise. Lets be mindful of what we want in long term and act accordingly.