India set for revolutionary leap in IT hardware manufacturing: MAIT on approval to 27 cos under PLI scheme

NEW DELHI, Nov 18: As 27 companies received approval under production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for IT hardware, industry body MAIT said that India is poised for a revolutionary leap in IT hardware manufacturing.
The government on Saturday announced that 27 firms, including Dell, HP, Flextronics, and Foxconn, have been granted approval under the PLI scheme for IT hardware.
The scheme, which covers laptops, tablets, PCs, servers and ultra-small form factor devices, is expected to fuel incremental investments of about Rs 3,000 crore.
India is poised for a “revolutionary leap” in IT hardware manufacturing, MAIT said in a release.
“MAIT envisions this as a game-changer for IT hardware manufacturing. With unwavering confidence, we anticipate India’s ascent to a leadership position in the manufacturing and export of products such as laptops, tablets, servers…Mirroring the transformative success witnessed in the Indian mobile phone industry,” Suhail Zaidi Director General of MAIT said.
Sanjay Lodha, Chairman and Managing Director of Netweb Technologies, said the company is “honoured to be recognised in the PLI scheme”.
“Excelling in the initial phase of PLI 1.0, by surpassing targets twofold, we are now gearing up for PLI 2.0 with increased incentives, anticipating even greater success. This strategic initiative serves as a catalyst, propelling Netweb towards heightened innovation and a more extensive product portfolio,” Lodha said.
Netweb is one of the 27 firms that have received approval under the scheme.
Other names in the list include Dell, Foxconn, HP, Flextronics, VVDN, Optiemus, Padget Electronics, SOJO Manufacturing Services, Goodworth, Neolync, Syrma SGS, Mega Networks, Panache Digilife, and ITI Ltd, among others. (PTI)