India, Israel make veiled attack on Pakistan for terror support

NEW DELHI: India on Monday asserted that there was “absolutely no divergence” between New Delhi and Tel Aviv on terror front and said while both the countries did not  name Pakistan, the reference was obvious that the western neighbour needs to act against those who “finance terrorism or provide sanctuary” to terror groups.

“There was absolutely no divergence,” Secretary Economic Relations in MEA, Vijay Gokhale told reporters here when asked was there any specific reason that Pakistan was not named in the joint statement issued at the end of delegation level talks led by two Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu.

“It is not necessary each time to name countries,” he said adding the “sense” of the paragraph is the statement is “very clear”. Mr Gokhale said both sides referred not only to terror organisations but also said that “those who sponsor, encourage or finance terrorism or provide sanctuary to  terrorists and terror groups” must be acted against. (AGENCIES)