India has potential to become super economic power: Rajnath

NEW DELHI, July 27: BJP chief Rajnath Singh has said India has the potential to be the great super economy of the world.
“India’s economy gives no comfort in this current economic situation. Though it is bad now, it can rise to greater heights, India has the potential to be the great super economy of the world,” Mr Singh said in New York yesterday.
He said the current account deficit and inflation has been increased under the Congress-led UPA rule.
“Today people have started saying ‘Is the Indian success story over?’ But I believe that India’s story is waiting for success and for the BJP party,” Mr Singh, who is on a week-long US visit, said.
He said the BJP-led NDA provided a developmental model that surprised the whole world.
He said when the BJP left power, the growth rate was high and inflation rate was low.
Mr Singh said the BJP-ruled states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Goa are performing well on the developmental front.
“Gujarat- the wonders of this state speaks for itself even on international scene. Madhya Pradesh- this state was called as a weak or BIMARU state. Now MP has become the biggest contributor to food grain pool of India.
Chhattisgarh- first state in India has provided full food security to 90 per cent population with existing PDS system,” he said.
Mr Singh said Goa is the only state where the petrol is cheaper than diesel.
He claimed that the BJP states have growth rates of 10 per cent while national average is around five per cent.
“Our country has seen two models; the Congress model for more than 50 years and the BJP model for 6 years. The BJP will soon present a vision document, which will be ready to be distributed in time for election that will describe what will be done in each sector,” the BJP chief said.
He said the NDA government created 67 million jobs in six years while only 2.7 million jobs were created by the Congress regime.
Mr Singh added that if the BJP is voted to power in the 2014 general elections, it will make India the world’s intellectual capital and agricultural capital.


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