India gives 4th helicopter to Afghanistan before key meet

NEW DELHI: Days ahead of a key conference it hosts on Afghanistan, India has given the last of the four military helicopters to the war-ravaged country which has been trying to strengthen its air power after significant cut in presence of NATO forces.

India will host the sixth conference of ‘Heart of Asia — Istanbul Process’, an annual gathering of major Asian and some other countries, which is aimed at encouraging security, political and economic cooperation among Afghanistan and its neighbours. The challenge of terrorism, particularly emanating from Pakistan is likely to figure in the conference.

The Mi-24 attack helicopter was handed over to Afghan authorities on Saturday, diplomatic sources said.

Afghanistan has also been seeking India’s assistance in making functional Soviet-era helicopters and transport aircraft which were not in flying condition.

The country has been struggling to get spare parts for the aircraft and helicopters due to Western sanctions against Moscow.

Earlier, there were reports that there was an issue with the spares of the fourth helicopter. India had delivered three helicopters to Afghanistan ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Kabul in December last year, giving Afghan Air Force the much-needed lethal teeth against various militant groups like the Taliban. (AGENCIES)


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