In-Chargeism in Education Deptt

The ‘In-chargeism’ is plaguing the School Education Department. The teaching staff etc is promoted to the next cadre in incharge capacity and not regularised for years together. As a result, many of such promotees get retired in their own pay and grade and even some leave their mortal remains without getting regularised.
At present around 7,000 employees are working in gazetted cadre from headmasters to Joint Directors in In-charge capacity. A process has been initiated by the School Education Department to get these employees regularised. The change of guard at Ministry level shall not  result in abortion of the process. The new Minister shall take the cognisance of the issue and take the process to logical conclusion.
Further, it is reported that the department is not going to give any notional benefit to such promotees from the date of the availability of the post, giving a good bye to the past practice. It will be a great injustice to these promotees who will be deprived of their seniority for no fault of theirs. There are thousands of examples where the promotee incharge lecturers used to teach for years together at the higher secondary level as internal arrangement without getting any additional penny for such services. It will be a great injustice to such empoyees if no notional benefit is granted at this time.
To conclude, the government shall look to the issue in a pragmatic way, regularise these employees from the availability of the post and all promotions in future shall be made on regular basis.
Yours etc….
S M Pandit


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