Improved Passport Services

Last month, I paid a visit to the Passport Office at Gandhinagar,with a friend after a lapse of 3 years. My friend had applied for a renewal of his passport and sought my help in his online processing, which I did on spot. To my utter surprise, it appeared everything has changed for the better, inside the passport Office.
There were helpful counter officials ready to render advice, equally to the literate and the laymen, with regard to documents required—–without any bias. No photographs were required to be submitted; infact, they took photographs on their own. The whole scenario was utterly unbelievable. Aggrieved PP seekers, if any, appeared to have free and easy access to the Passport Officer and his deputy. In nutshell, my friend got his PP renewed and delivered by speed post, after a wait of just 6 weeks. Unbelievable !
This’s one part of the story; the other part is dismal and abysmal too. The passport office, unlike other PP offices in India, is housed in a dilapidated rented building. The entrance is so shabby and stinking that one has to move in, with the nose covered. That reflects a contrast to what other PPs look like in rest of the country. It may be worthwhile for the PPO to shift to a better location of their own, as was done by RBI, SBI, IOC,BSNL, CBI etc. Willy nilly, one is baffled and astounded by the neat and flawless arrangement inside, compared to the abysmal environment outside.
Yours etc….
Dr. T.K.Munshi,


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