Impose ban on liquor

There should be blanket ban on liquor in the state.  Some states have already banned the sale of liquor in their respective states.  After consuming liquor a person commits wrong deeds and fails to perform  according to his ability.  Govt has taken a right step  by banning liquor shops /bars on National Highways.  If liquor is completely banned in the state, it would yield  good results not only for the society but to the family of liquor purchaser/consumer.   It is admitted fact  that there would be revenue loss to the state but  bearing of revenue loss  is good than  earning bad profit.  There are so many families  belonging to poor and  middle class  who suffer because of liquor. The average family of  habitual liquor consumer remains on back-foot and are forced to spend their life in misery particularly from economic point of view.  Moreover  dead drinkers are considered to be  liability on dependent family members.  By imposing blanket ban on sale, purchase and consumption of liquor will not only  provide economic relief  to the affected families but a life of dignity in the society.
Yours etc….
H.S Saini
Digiana, Jammu


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