Important to find humour in current times and laugh your way through it: Sunil Grover

MUMBAI: Actor-comedian Sunil Grover believes the best way to deal with the coronavirus-induced anxiety is to embrace humour.
The actor said living under the nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 can be testing, but one must keep the spirits high.
“It’s very important that we stay mentally fit. We are not used to this life. We have to look at it in a way that we find humour in these times. To laugh, keep smiling and see funny things today more than ever.
“It’s important to laugh right now at the situation. It’s an experience for everyone, you can’t let it bog you down. You’ve to laugh your way through it,” Sunil said.
The actor, best known for his small screen appearances as Gutthi and Dr Mashoor Gulati on comedian Kapil Sharma’s shows, said lockdown hasn’t put a full stop on humour steaming from observation.
“There’s so much to observe. It’s like a new dimension has opened up, everything has changed. We are holding virtual video calls. People don’t know where to keep the camera. So half the time you see things which you’re not interested in..
“And then because of low network it’d freeze, which means you’ve to look at someone in that particular posture till it resumes. It’ll be the worst posture of anyone’s but you’re stuck with it. This is a new world,” he added.
Sunil recently shot a video at his home for Voot Studio and Indian Cancer Society to mark World No Tobacco Day.
Keeping in line with his comic skills, the video features the “Bharat” actor demonstrating how to cook a cigarette in a mockumentary style, with a message to quit smoking.
Sunil said he came on board immediately for the campaign as it was making an important point, using humour as a tool.
“It was something which was possible to shoot at home, have an impact within a minute and the communication wasn’t serious. It was beautifully written. It was challenging initially, but there were creative people guiding me on how to shoot it.
“It took me two-three hours to shoot it and it was a lot of fun. This is for such an important cause, was so smartly written and conceptualised, there was no reason for me to not do it,” he added.
With everything shut amid the pandemic, the 42-year-old actor said the post COVID-19 world will have implications on not only how people make content, but even its consumption.
“The other day I was watching something on TV and said ‘Oh why are they taking out a procession, how are they hugging a stranger?!’ It doesn’t happen when I’m watching a historical, because I feel this happened back then but in the current scenario…How we see content, make it, will definitely change,” he added. (AGENCIES)