Implementation of 7th Pay Commission

All the employees and pensioners feel dismayed that our State Chief Minister has delayed the implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission  by two years, one year has elapsed. Now, the employees and pensioners cannot wait long as their backbones have broken due to the skyrocketting prices of essential commodities. Such a callous decision is a bolt from blue for eagerly waiting employees and pensioners.
The case of pensioners is also pathetic, who have to pay heavy medical bills for various ailments, being now at the twilight of their lives as nobody is sure about tomorrow.
It is  advisable for our Chief Minister to announce its implementation from January 1, 2017 as a new year bonanza to infuse zeal among employees, who are unable to bear the brunt of extreme financial crunch and also win the infinite blessings of pensioners, who are at the fag end of their lives.
It is expected that such a decision shall remove despair and bring to cheer their lives. We feel indebted to our chief minister who enhanced the basic pension of pensioners  by 20 percent beyond the age of 80 years, it is also prayed to enhance 10 percent basic pension of pensioners above the age of 70 years to help them to tide over the period of crises by paying huge amount of medical bills for their ailments.
Yours etc….
K L Dhar
Durga Nagar Enclave,