Implement Transfer Policy scrupulously

Why should there be any sort of shyness, if not absolute reluctance by the administrative and departmental Heads, in keeping employees rotating from one to the other places and from one “table” to the other, within the same department ? Rarely is a transfer ordered as a mild disciplinary action and even that has to be complied with and even strictly enforced. Not only officers, as a matter of thumb rule, but employees of all cadres too should be transferred after a maximum stay of 5 years , at a place . In that, places where employees of subordinate cadre are transferred, should not be too far but moving employee of every cadre, rank and position, is in the best interests of the department, its output , its image and its functioning as revealed by annual audit reports.
Should not the Government of Jammu and Kashmir ,on its own, keep on monitoring as well as taking stock of the situation , vis-a-vis the transfer of employees instead of waiting for the Anti Corruption Bureau to inform it by reports and otherwise that norms of the transfer policy of the Government were brazenly violated . What action has the Government taken on specific instances where such norms were not shown any regard let alone implemented in letter and spirit? In fact, so far as officers’ cadre is concerned , even 5 years stay at a place is too much, instead it should have been 2 years but whatever the limit of stay at a place is there in the Transfer Policy , it should be enforced and implemented without any fail. It may be noted that whenever an employee overstays at a place and position or manages the same by employing influence and ”other means” , by consolidating the position and projecting indispensability – irregularities, violation of procedures and embezzlement and even frauds are committed and perpetrated. In most of the cases, loss to the public exchequer takes place and in comparison, whatever expenses and sundry costs are involved on effecting transfers, those are quite negligible , even not qualifying for any comparison with the whopping losses caused to public exchequer by indulging in irregularities simply by misusing overstay and investing influence derived from such uncalled for overstay. Mobility of employees and on regular but fixed intervals, is a guarantee and a shield against unwanted and undesirable acts of indulging in irregularities.
Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive and a border Union Territory and an obsolete, weak, erratic and unimplemented transfer policy has ramifications of some employees misusing overstay to indulge in activities, implicitly or explicitly, which could prove ultimately prejudicial to the interests of the country’s internal security, sovereignty and integrity. It can be further appreciated that in a particular context, the ACB has voiced its concern on no mobility of officers and that precisely needs no explanation. So, why should relevant data not be compiled to find out where , when , how and in whose ”favour” the norms of transfer Policy were not enforced so that proper accountability could be established to face the requisite disciplinary action. We would like to caution the administrative machinery ”looking after” the sensitive personnel issues like transfers, etc not to accord any casual approach or attention to transfers as various findings and reports have cited employees’ overstay as the bane and the chief reasons of taking place of many gross irregularities.