Impatient and restless unity

Shiban Khaibri
Could the ‘golden’ and high nuanced tenets of democracy with lofty political ambitions be taken the alibi to justify the gathering of leaders of some opposition parties at Kolkata on January 19 excepting impudently and outrageously making no bones about their clarion call to the people to enable them “get rid” of Narendra Modi in 2019 general elections. Getting rid of him at any cost was manifest by the body language of each leader from the ‘secular, liberal and democratic galaxy’ shaping and designing the dais .This writer trying hard could not find even one ‘leader’ sitting there, with ambitions to set everything right in this country by employing one and only one mantra of removing Modi from the scene , wearing a smile or an assured success of their apparent efforts. Queasier faces, nervous, worried and agitated, as these leaders appeared had no smile even for photo -ops, perhaps, signalling doubts about their united efforts in changing the course of the history and “saving India and Indian democratic institutions” by seeing Modi finally removed.
In a democracy, everyone is free to indulge in politics of electing and changing a government by employing means which again are prescribed by democracy itself which perhaps revolves around, which one would give the best to the people than the one in power. In present era of economic considerations ruling supreme and even compelling invincible big powers to pull out from the competitive indulgence in showing military supremacy in areas of conflict, the end to cold war and pulling out from global hotbeds like the recent instance of America from Syria etc show growing economic constraints the world over. It would have been a fantastic achievement for the enthusiastic pantheon on the dais to present a revolutionary economic model to address the three worn out , oft repeated, now having assumed nauseous proportions which, according to these secular leaders’ crafty wax eloquent are because of Modi government and were never ever there in India , viz, “Kissan atma hatyaeen kar rahey hain “, “Naujawan berozgar hain” and “Mehengai budh rahi hai”.
It is really very unfortunate for this country that Modi government has to its credit nothing , absolutely nothing , not even one good work done all these four and a half years excepting “encouraging” intolerance, attacks on Muslims and Dalits, dividing and polarising the society and one new term coined by Mamta Banerjee that of imposing “Super Emergency” in the country. Going by all these series of omissions and commissions by Narendra Modi, the 23 parties confluence seemed not to undo them but to oust Modi . The most honest and performing politician , Chief Minister of Delhi Kejriwal impatient to rid the country of Hitler (read Modi ), gave a frantic , overwrought and uncanny call to the people assembled at Brigade Parade Grounds to change the duo of Modi and Amit Shah, desperately pitching , “Kutch Karo , Kutch Bhi , Kutch Bhi Karo , magar in donoon ko hara do…” . This war cry of “Kutch bhi karo , kutch bhi” should not be taken lightly as it has connotations of something more than mere voting for or against a person of his dislike. Could this “Kutch Bhi” not mean employing means other than democratic ones? Could Kejriwal decipher “Kutch Bhi”?
Another secular leader , Dr. Farooq Abdullah also looking gloomy, rose to speak and call those very EVMs as “choor machines” which made him reach Lok Sabha last year and earlier during UPA 2 rule and those machines only, which saw his illustrious son, heading NC- Congress coalition government from 2008 to 2014. If the EVMs were Choor, Dr. Farooq should have spurned and declined the Election Commission’s that formal letter of certifying him as having won. He did not do that , why and with which logic he brands these foolproof machines as choor now must be known to his conscience only? He was ” emotional ” in giving a call to the people there to :”Aaj iss desh ko bachana hai , aap ko balidan dena hai , hum sab ko balidan dena hai, in 70 saloon main desh key halat itnie battar nahi thi …” So far so good, as one lie spoken has to be backed by hundreds of white lies. What was amazing was when he said , ” Today , look at the condition of Jammu and Kashmir , it is all because of this Government , today at every place there, people are being killed as they are branded as Pakistanis and traitors, I am a Muslim but I am a Bharti and a part of Hindustan, we have to finish this BJP”….. Coincidentally and wilfully BJP sitting MP Shatrugan Sinha did not object to Dr. Farooq’s contentions but with his silence perhaps gave his acquiesce. Again coincidentally, it was the same January 19 in 1990, when the entire ethnic minority community but original inhabitants of Kashmir Kashmiri Pandits were hounded out of Kashmir, punctuated with selected killings and when Dr. Farooq was the Chief Minister of the state. There was neither any BJP and nor any Modi around then .And when Dr. Farooq was at his best against Modi and the BJP on January 19 in Kolkata, the exiled community was agitating in Jammu and Delhi and other parts of the country observing the day as “Holocaust Day” and refreshing the heart piercing incidents prior to during and after January 19, 1990 when he, claiming to be the best Bharti and secular , could not save Pandits , the trust or “Amanat” for him to protect , save and guard. No, he fled to London leaving Pandits to the mercy of the blood thirsty fanatic terrorists.
Though every leader’s speech over there is well recorded , referring only to these three leaders is tantamount to giving a real sense of the taste of the pudding , let the same not be eaten first to know. Unless the “golden words” spoken by secular Akhilesh Yadav are commented upon , it would mean injustice to this Gathbandhan. Among other things, he said that Modi had many allies like the ED and the CBI . These organisations are there but we, the ordinary citizens or the honest politicians have no reason to feel jittery and edgy and therefore, he must have some basis to ally Modi with these investigating agencies since it is reported that the ED has filed a case under stringent Prevention of Money Laundering Act and the CBI registered a criminal complaint probing the “role ” of Akhilesh Yadav and some bureaucrats in alleged illegal mining case. Mirza Ghalib had aptly said, ” Be-Khudi be-sabab nahin Ghalib ; Kutch to hai jis key parda dari hai” or This forgetful state is not without cause or reason , Ghalib, there is something fishy that is surely being veiled.
Not only from the country but now foreign soils too are “ploughed in” to defame not only Modi but the country as well . Now the apparition of EVMs is haunting many and some hacker “expert” arriving in mask to create sensations of fantasies of having done the trick in 2014 elections thus disrespecting crores of Indian voters but not producing even one proof . How ludicrous and mischievous does it all look as in 2014 it was Congress led UPA government when elections took place . When AAPians win in Delhi , Congress in Punjab , MP, Rajasthan , Chattisgarh , Karnataka elections , EVMs arte good but when they or their Bandhan parties lose , EVMs are hacked. Those countries who are envying our democracy and transparent election system are aghast at the plummeting levels of opposition politics in India with the sole aim of defeating Modi.
Let the reaction of the one against whom the “juggernaut of crusaders” has girded up their loins to “remove” him in 2019 and thereafter. He (Narendra Modi) attributes their being on pins and needles or anxiously spooked at his stringent action against corruption “as they have been stopped from looting public money”, “they could go to any extent to save their Parivars, their Sultanates but they would never be able to win the hearts of the people”.
The questions are many but a few must be answered. Why so much hate and animosity against Modi? Could a single instance be cited which shows imposition of “super emergency” or undermining of institutions or any discrimination with any individual on the basis of religion or instigating people to harm specific communities in the country? Could one instance be cited where any decision taken by Modi had “destroyed” India much more than what it was before 70 years? Could even one out of so many wild and motivated allegations raised from the “unity rally” be proved right? If not , the people must decide and have the final but decisive word in the coming Lok Sabha elections to really save India and Indian ethos.