Illegal mining in Wakura

Not only is illegal mining going on unabated in Wakura in GanderbalKashmir , not only is the mafia engaged in such activities enjoying protection from the authorities, not only is the administration in full knowledge of such unauthorised mining but for doing so, brazenly the mining mafia has encroached upon hundreds of kanals of Sarkari land and also hundreds of Kanals of Ahal-e- Hanood land.
JCBs and other equipment , tippers and trucks are in full activities usually during night especially in village RakiRaftarGanwora in Wakura tehsil . Residents complain of noise pollution and imminent threat of various hues including floods and sinking of the land where their residential houses are standing. Who cares for environmental degradation by causing extensive damage to flora and fauna as the area is in itself reminiscent of the huge damages such illegal mining has caused to it. The problem assumes connotations of various factors as this process has been going on for years together. Would the concerned authorities now swing in action and stop this illegal mining, recovering penal charges from the mafia for causing damage to the area?