“If pure artists get together for a jugalbandi it’s magical”

Indian Rapper Badshah with hits like Abhi To Party Suru Hui Hai, Kala Chasma, The Humma Song, DJwale Babu, was in Kolkata. He sepaks to Shilpa Salwan.
How was your experience to be associated with MTV Unplugged?
I was very nervous because the musicians were live but hats off to the guys at MTV. If pure artists get together for a jugalbandi it’s magical. They never heard my songs and yet when I was singing, they created something different with it. It was lovely.
Who has been your inspiration?
Now a days, there is no inspiration as such but I like a lot of people. There are a lot of good people in the industry. In that way, my fans are my inspiration.
When you came to this industry how supportive was your family?
I fled from home after having a bitter fight. Funny thing is, few days back, I got to know my father had fled too, trying to be a hero but returned home dissapointed. I tease him with that.
How do you see the rap industry of Bollywood?
It is basically in its adolescence stage. It is a new field which is coming up, expanding. I think it is upto the artists and it’s still in its growing stage.
People say you are more popular than Honey Singh. Any comments on that?
Well, he is not there now but I think everyone has their own places and he’s my senior as he came before me but he’s more of a competitor because our genre is small. Raftaar is another one I consider my competitor.
Did you start by writing out poems in the beginning?
Exactly, I wrote one on my Maths teacher in school. Well, I can not really sing it now (smirks).
Were there dissapointments earlier on in your career?
No, there were none but actually now there are dissapointments because I can not write freely. Bollywood has constrained me in ways like a particular situation, such lyrics and so on. Earlier I wrote what I felt. That was fun.
Bollywood or commercials?
Commercials are for money (Smiles) but Bollywood of course. Although, people rejected my songs there before, now its not there, now they ask for my songs, the very ones they rejected.
Do you want to stick to rapping or try singing?
I would love to try singing but whenever I try, people are scared (smirks) but I am learning. So, maybe soon.
Any advice for youngsters in this field?
Passion is a good thing but you must have mental balance. You must know what you want to be. You cannot be unsure. Finish your education first and polish your art and be true to yourself.
Your upcoming songs?
There is a song in Badrinath ki Dulhaniya, another in Reload rest we keep discussing. (TWF)


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