Idress Mir, an innovative vlogger from Baramulla

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, June 23: Idrees Mir, a 27-year-old lifestyle vlogger from the Baramulla region of north Kashmir, has amassed over 8 lakh fans on social media as a result of his innovative storytelling skills.
His videos have helped him become popular, especially among the youngsters in Kashmir who adore his storytelling abilities.
Idris, who holds a master’s degree in mass communication and digital media, is one of the Valley’s fastest-rising YouTube stars and is utilising his skills to engage the general population, particularly its youth.
He attributes his success to his love of exploring new places and travelling. “I have always wanted to travel and guide audiences to discover new places, but traditional reporting was not yielding the necessary results, so I made the decision to create vlogs,” he said.
Despite consistently uploading videos, he was not getting noticed because vlogging was still new to the Valley. “In the beginning, it was difficult to gain likes and subscribers. Although I was not receiving the views and likes I had hoped for, I never gave up and kept working toward my goals,” he said.
Despite the fact that he was initially insulted, people started to like him as they viewed his work. “People started to like my work as soon as I started releasing more videos. I got encouragement from people from all walks of life,” he said, adding that being the most well-liked YouTuber in the valley required positive criticism.
He said he wished to aid those who had never ventured outside of their hometown in discovering new areas. “It always makes me happy to use my vlogging to guide others who have never been there in exploring new areas. I now travel to various locations and use my movies to encourage viewers to discover new areas,” he said.
He urged the youngsters to be patient and follow their dreams. “Every child has a dream, yet they frequently lose patience while working toward their objective. I tell them to keep working hard and wait for the appropriate time,” he said.
In addition to vlogging, Idrees Mir is pursuing a Ph.D. in Journalism from Jaipur’s NIMS University.