IAF celebration

The idea behind our air warriors of Udhampur Air Station celebrating 82nd anniversary of inception of Indian Air Force is to prompt the warriors to rededicate themselves to the service of the country in peace and in war. Indian Air Force is one of the celebrated forces in the world with one after another record to bring it honour and distinction. The Udhampur Air Station like the Northern Command has been rendering meritorious service in the trouble torn State of Jammu and Kashmir. In recent days, it accepted the fierce challenge of nature and fought it back successfully when it was called upon to undertake a massive rescue mission in Kashmir where floods had wrought havoc on civilian population.
This wing of the air force has made history. Given very discouraging topography, inclement weather, constraints of operative enterprise in dropping essential goods to a widely marooned population scattered over vast area and evacuating famished and dispirited population from endangered zone to safer places was not that easy a task. But the sky devils did it and won laurels. We salute their grit and determination. The warriors are the pride of India that is coming up in its new avatar.
We know that these warriors are posted in a very sensitive area of the country where two enemies are hovering on our border. We also know that hostile elements want to sabotage the efforts of our armed forces to render humanitarian service in Kashmir. But their efforts will never be allowed to succeed. Kargil war has shown that the Indian Air Force is capable of dealing a deadly blow to the enemy when working in complete unison with ground forces. The nation is safe in their hands.


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