I want auto industry to contribute more to GDP: Mangal Nath Pandey

PANAJI, Dec 4: Union Minister of Heavy Industries Mangal Nath Pandey on Saturday called upon the industrialists to work in a way that the auto sector contributes nearly 25-30 per cent to the GDP.
Speaking at the Round Table to promote electric vehicles, he said, ” Auto industry is currently contributing 18 per cent to the GDP. I want it to grow to 25-30 percent.”
He pointed out that auto industry creates more indirect employment compared to other sectors.
He said policies were being framed for the industrialists and attempts were being made to improve the overall atmosphere.
Listing out the steps taken by the government to boost production and usage of electric vehicles, he said his ministry had reduced GST on charging stations.
He pointed out that due to FEMA II sale of electric two wheelers and three wheelers has increased.
Mr Pandey said Goa Government had launched 40 e-vehicles and his ministry was working with other states in this direction as well.
He said there should be production of more e-vehicles as there was compliance among the manufacturers.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants all big manufacturers in the country to produce electric vehicles. I want Indian industrialists to concentrate on the wishes of the Prime Minister.
You have the capabilities. You are taking steps but I want you to move faster. Your actions will alleviate poverty and create more employment,” he said. (UNI)