I left TV as roles were quite repetitive: Neeru Bajwa

NEW DELHI: Neeru Bajwa, who featured in popular TV shows such as “Jeet” and “Guns and Roses”, says it was a conscious decision to leave the medium as the parts she was being offered were getting repetitive.

The actor says she was getting a good deal in the terms of remuneration on TV but she could not feel a connection with characters she was being asked to portray.

“There was a lot of money but I just I couldn’t connect really. You know, I just didn’t want to do something that I had to repeat all the time; a character, which is not good.

“I don’t look down upon it. I mean, it gave me so much popularity, and because of TV, I got my first breakthrough. But I just enjoy doing films more,” Neeru told PTI in an interview.

The 38-year-old actor, now one of the most sought after names in the Punjabi films, is content with the space she has created for herself in the industry.

Neeru says she is not averse to starring in Bollywood films, but the scripts she receives need to have something more to offer and are worth her effort.

“If I get good films, I would definitely do them. But most of the stuff that I get is not good at all. They were not good scripts. It’s just that if I’m going to do something, I want to do something of great quality, which I’m getting in the Punjabi industry. So why would I do something stupid just for the sake of it?” Neeru says.

When she made the switch to films, Neeru says, she never had any doubt that things will not work for her in movies.

“It’s been two decades. I feel blessed that I’m still working, and people still want to see me.”

Neeru currently stars in “Shadaa”, which reunites her with frequent collaborator Diljit Dosanjh. The film revolves around a man and a woman, who are looking for love, even though they have crossed the so called appropriate age of marriage.

“We are playing two people who are past the ‘suitable age’ of marriage. I think this is pretty much prevalent in our society. I mean, I’ve met so many women and girls during the film’s promotions. They’re like, it’s so annoying when you pass a certain age and people start (nudging you) about getting married. And then they stop asking and just give up on you. The comments you get are not good.”

The actor, however, says she believes in arranged marriages, citing her own wedding to Harry Jawandha.

“I’m a believer in arranged marriages. I mean, mine was kind of an arranged marriage. My sister introduced me to my husband. You know, kind of set it up. She was not like, ‘You have to marry him,’ but she introduced me to him because I don’t get to meet too many people. And so I knew, right when I saw him, that ‘This is it.'”

“Shadaa”, written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, is scheduled to be released on June 21. (AGENCIES)