‘I learn about gadgets from Arbaaz’

Are you a tech-savvy person?
I don’t believe I am technology savvy, but I decided to launch Taiwan Excellence Campaign because it is a great opportunity to get involved with so many different brands. Life is always a learning process and you are never too young or old to learn something.
So how do you learn about gadgets?
Whatever I have to learn about gadgets, I learn from my husband (actor-director Arbaaz Khan). He is very, very technology savvy and keeps me updating with the latest.
What Taiwanese products will you choose for your two famous item girl avatars-Munni (from Dabangg) and Anarkali (from Housefull 2)?
If I have to think from the perspective of ‘Munni’ I would have gone for cool Taiwanese headphones…they look quite interesting. As ‘Anarkali’ I would use Taiwanese external hard drive so that she can get music for her disco.
How is that one aspect in your life which you can never let go?
I am quite a travel bug. I love to travel. I am very adventurous whether it’s in terms of adventure sports, travel, bag-packing, trains…whatever it takes to enjoy a place, I am absolutely open to that.
Every time I go to a new place, I try something different…whether it is skydiving, Bungee Jumping…I make sure whenever I travel to a new place, I learn something. I believe the experience and knowledge you can gather by travelling, no book can offer you that.
Do you prefer an ‘all girls’ trip or travel shouldn’t be gender-centric?
It is essential to travel either as a part of an ‘all girls’ trip or an ‘all boys’ trip. That way you explore and enjoy far more.
Have you been to Darjeeling in North Bengal?
Unfortunately, I have never been to Darjeeling though I love Darjeeling tea. If I get a chance, I will surely visit the hill-station.
What do you have to say about people who every other day file a petition in a court if they find anything objectionable in a song or a film?
I would like to keep it very simple – if you don’t like a particular film or song, don’t watch or listen it.
Whenever there is an item number in a film, people expects you to do it…
That’s a question everyone asks me but I don’t have an answer to that. Every time somebody has a song in a film or a guest appearance, people ask me why I am not in it. But it’s not physically possible for me to be seen in every item song. Somebody asked me why I am not in song (Character Dheela) in Ready (2011 film starring brother-in-law Salman Khan) since it was such a good one. But I can’t possibly be part of everything. When I find it necessary for me to be a part of something or vice-versa, things definitely work out.
What’s your take on the Pregnancy Clause in Bollywood which says actresses shouldn’t get pregnant while they are working on a particular project?
I don’t know how much these clauses are going to work and what will come out of it. It’s understanding that matters. I remember, I was with MTV when I was pregnant and I had a great work relationship. When I got to know about my pregnancy, I informed them and they were very gracious about it and let me take my necessary break and even gave me the option to come back to work if I want. Pregnancy is something which just happens, you can’t say ‘Three months from now and I will be pregnant’. At the end of the day, it’s about how much professional you are. You should have the presence of mind to inform people you are working with and they will understand.
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