I just get better with experience: Jennifer Lopez

LOS ANGELES, Mar 5:  Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez says the experience in life is making her grow better.
The 46-year-old “Feel The Light” hitmaker said the longer she is in the industry, the better she gets, reported People magazine.
“When you first start in this business, you think, ‘This is going to run out’ or ‘It’s going to finish at a certain time’ or ‘If I reach a certain age I won’t be relevant.
“I have found that I just get better and better with more experience and more life. I have more to give to what I do, ” Lopez said.
The singer, who has officially returned to Epic records, said making right kind of music is her top priority right now.
“I’ve had so much success over the years but this is going to be a great starting point again. It’s all about finding the right sound for me and the right songs and the right lyrics for me right now.” (PTI)


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