I am here only!

Mira was hiding behind the door. The play with playmates had turned into a brawl leading to fist fight among them. Patrified she ran out of the playground and hid behind a nearby door of a building. That was the time when she heard an invisible soft voice assuring her not to be scared, ” I AM HERE ONLY “! Busy in their own fist fight among themselves, none of her playmates noticed her absence. Tired after playing and fighting, all her playmates went back to their respective houses. She also ran towards her house. Mostly she was on receiving end of brawls and fights whether with playmates or siblings. She was often beaten up. She never felt like retaliating. It was not because of any physical weakness. It was because of her natural hatred for fights. She had developed strong dislike for any one who resorted to beating and thrashing to make their point of view clear. Hence she grew up to be a very lonely child confined to her studies. Children being children soon forgot their flights and differences. As usual they would call out to her and coax Mira to join them in the playfield but she could not muster enough courage to join them. Gradually she was treated as gone case by them. Unperturbed by their callings, she continued to concentrate on her studies and consequently outshone any of her batchmates.
Mira had developed an inborn hatred for violance. As she grew up, she minutely observed arrogant and violant behaviour of the people. They had the same pattern. Those people often suppressed their own shortcomings in their loud and arrogant behaviour. She went into higher studies of human behaviour on scientific lines. In the process she encountered many of her own weak points. She had supressed her own fears by alienating instead of aligning with her playmates, batchmates and siblings. She was scared of them in reality. This fear was obstructing her to have any social life beyond her books. While accepting and acknowledging her weakness, she heard soft, assuring voice telling her that she was strong enough to take on to the world and face any problem because in any problem, the same soft voice was murmuring in her ears, ” I AM HERE ONLY”! She wondered why it took her so many years to listen to this voice again! She always felt rejuvenated whenever she heard same assuring voice. She fell in deeply head-over-heels love with that invisible DIVINE presence around her.
With passing years, her interest in study of human behaviour deepened and after qualifying higher studies in the subject, soon she became one of the top most psychiatrist. She was no longer a secluded and lonely person. She was rather a confident psychiatrist in whom many a people shared their extremely private and confidential secrets to come over their psychic problems. Initially she could relate many stages of her life to many such problems in others’ life. The others felt at ease while unburdening their emotional burden with her. She earned herself a good name for treating psychic diseases. Most of the time surrounded by needy ones, she was no longer a lonely person. She enjoyed her work more when her patients were cured and were mentally healthy again. She was a confident person, not timid or week anymore. More she socialized and circulated among people, more her self-confidence increased. She could get over the initial fear of not being able to cure the patients. It was such a dark secret in her life which shared only with invisible DIVINE presence around her and from which she gained strength while listening to that soft, affectionate, caring DIVINE voice whispering in her ears, ” I am here only!”
Mira had utilized her life in serving the people to come over their fears and face the challenges of life boldly. She herself had overcome her many a fear. Neither demanding nor imposing herself on others, hers was a very normal life. She had had lived a satisfying life with no regrets believing that one’s fate of the future lies on one’s karmas (doings). She was very well aware of the fact of life. So, she was ready to embrace the end peacefully when the final calling came.But her patients who considered her as their saviour were not prepared to see her going away.They were praying for her longevity of the person who had brought so much calmness in their troubled world. Heading towards the end of her journey of life, to the outside world, Mira’s eyes were closed but in her innermost world her eyes were wide open and she was clearly watching every thing. Was this what Meera, better known as Mirabai, the 16th-century Hindu mystic poetess and devotee of Lord Krishna had experienced in her complete surrender to her devotion for Lord Krishna detaching herself completely from materialistic world around!
Surrounded by family, friends and many known-unknown persons, she was standing all alone in hitherto unknown surroundings in her innermost world. Her near and dear ones were shaking her, calling out her loudly to make sure that she listened and acknowledged them but in her innermost world, away from the violence, abuses ,sickness she was face-to-face with Divine Presence whose voice was the only voice she loved most and which she was hearing. This was the same voice which was her only confidant in whom she had tried to share many secrets haunting her but this sacred voice seemed to already know her those dark secrets which at times she had felt ashamed to even experience. Same voice had pulled her out of many adversities in her life. Same sssuring voice soothingly, softly dispelling all her fears and telling her, ” I AM HERE ONLY!” She was thrilled and overjoyed. For the last time, she opened her eyes which shone like crystal clear diamonds for flickering second with strangely calm happiness and then went totally blank forever, breathed her last for the outer world. Fearlessly entering the unknown world, leaving behind the mortal world, happily she followed the same soft, assuring DIVINE voice whispering in her innermost world, ” I AM HERE ONLY”, telling her not to be scared in stepping into unknown zone.