Hyundai Motor officially releases ‘CASPER’ to lead the revival of compact SUV

Seoul [South Korea], Sept 30: Hyundai Motor Company held an online presentation ‘CASPER Premier’ on Wednesday, and started selling CASPER in earnest.
Hyundai Motor’s first compact SUV model CASPER has been booked 18,940 units on the 14th, the first day of the pre-order, and set a new sales record of internal-combustion vehicle models. In addition, on the 23rd, 10 days after the pre-order, about 25,000 units have been already booked, surpassing this year’s target of 12,000 units.
At the real-time communication live web channel ‘CASPER Premier’ on this day, Hyundai Motor introduced CASPER’s new lifestyle through videos, including ‘Premier Opening Film’ in the virtual CASPER village, ‘CASPER’s Online Journey Film’ that easily explains the online purchase process, and a video where a virtual Z-generation character made from CASPER’s iconic image explains the vehicle at the metaverse platform.
The premier opening film shows people using CASPER in various ways and enjoying the official website in CASPER Online Village. The video explains CASPER and CASPER Online through voice actor’s narration, exotic background, and unique characters.
‘CASPER’s Online Journey Film’ is a video that easily explains the entire process of online car purchases. Singer K.will participated in the narration.
CASPER basic specification model is equipped with 1.0 MPI to secure a maximum output of 76PS, a maximum torque of 9.7kgf*m, and a fuel efficiency of 14.3 km/l. The optional specification model ‘CASPER Active’ has a 1.0 turbo engine and dynamic external design, with a maximum output of 100PS, a maximum torque of 17.5kgf*m, and fuel efficiency of 12.8km/l..
The selling price of basic models is 13.85 million won for Smart, 15.9 million won for Modern and 18.7 million won for Inspiration. (Agencies)