Human Non-Veg

Refer letter titled “Human Non-Veg ” DE Jan 11, 2020. In this context I would like to pay due regards from core of my heart to the author who has taken due pain to put in public domain the ultimate trauma /pain suffered by countless animals to satisfy greedy men’s taste. Really if the constitution grants various kinds of rights to human beings to enjoy life to optimum extent then why cannot a constitution be framed to protect living rights of speechless animals who face ultimate trauma of their life when they are dragged for slaughteering. From spiritual point of view , it is totally undesirable and prohibited too.So a way forward in this direction will really pave the way for peaceful world and universe as well .I do agree that the unrest in the lives of human beings is really a result of mens cruelty towards speechless animals and once it is stopped the whole world would become peaceful .
Sushil Sharma Bhadarwahi
Gatha Bhaderwah


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