How To Grow Your YouTube Channel And Get More Subscribers In 30 Days Or Less

YouTube is among the most popular social media platforms out there. With billions of active users, it’s a great place to build your brand and connect with your audience. However, growing your YouTube channel and getting more subscribers can be challenging with so much competition.

Want to know how to grow and quickly increase the number of subscribers and views on your YouTube channel? You’ve come to the right place.

We have outlined strategies below to increase our YouTube audience in 30 days or less. We’ll show you all the sneaky ways you can quicken your development on the platform, from making click-generating YouTube thumbnails to crafting compelling video titles.

You need views for your YouTube channel to develop; you must have traffic and subscribers to get views. Increasing the number of people who view your videos, browse your profile, and engage with your content is the primary goal of everything we demonstrate below.

Let’s dive into the ways to grow your YouTube subscribers:

Create Quality Content

Creating quality content is the foundation of growing your YouTube channel. You need to create videos that are informative, engaging, and entertaining. Make sure that your videos are well-edited and have good sound quality. You don’t need expensive equipment to create quality content, but you do need to put in the effort to make your videos look and sound good.

Use Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Of everything on your YouTube account, your video thumbnail is the one that influences clicks the most. When your videos appear on someone’s homepage or in a search result, they will immediately see them. Your channel and description are significant factors, but your thumbnail will be displayed to every user first.

You should optimize it since it’s the most crucial component. Do not simply take a pre-populated screenshot from your video; doing so will only lead to mediocrity and obscurity. Spend your time instead making distinctive, personalized thumbnails for each video using Canva or Photoshop.

Optimize Your Videos for SEO

Optimizing videos for SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial to growing your YouTube channel. SEO involves using keywords, tags, and descriptions that make it easier for people to locate your videos when they search for related content. Ensure you include relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags.

In your profile, video titles, and descriptions, you should ideally target terms that receive many monthly searches but face little competition. It’s simpler to say than to do. To start, look for keywords with a high search volume using a tool for keyword study like Keyword Tool.

Promote Your Videos on social media

Social media promotion is a fantastic way to get more exposure to your content and grow your YouTube channel. Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Ensure you include a link to your YouTube channel in your social media profiles so people can easily find your content.

Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Working with other YouTubers is an excellent method to expand your YouTube channel. Reach out to other YouTubers who are active in your field. Find out if they’d like to work together on a video or give each other shoutouts on their respective channels. Working with other YouTubers can help you expand your following and increase your subscriber count.

Engage with Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is crucial to growing your YouTube channel. Respond to comments on your videos and ask your viewers to leave feedback and suggestions.

Speaking of comments, you should be there. Turn on your comments and interact with your community. Enjoy being able to reply to every comment individually in the early going before your YouTube channel gains traction. You will only have that option once your channel becomes well-known.

Depending on the type of content you produce, users will occasionally actively enter the comments section to engage with you or pose queries. You should ask your viewers questions in the video or description at other moments (especially in the beginning) to pique their interest and encourage interaction.

Monitor Your Metrics

One can find a gold mine of channel data in YouTube Analytics. Just a few of the metrics you should be reviewing are listed below:

Views: Determine which of your videos receives the most views to learn more about the types of content that appeal to your community.

Find out which films turn viewers into subscribers by looking at their numbers. Some of your videos are only a one-hit wonder, while others may help you acquire lifelong fans.

Average View Duration: Check out which videos had users watching for 30 seconds and which had them clicking away. It could provide a wealth of information regarding your introductions, thumbnails, and video titles.

Real-Time Analytics: Monitor the performance of your material during the first 24 to 48 hours to determine what was successful and what wasn’t. If you tried something new in a film that didn’t work out, take the lesson to heart before repeating it in your subsequent content.

Comparing new and recurring viewers: Find out if you’re attracting new viewers or just your subscribers returning to watch your material. If most of your users are new, you should make an introduction welcoming to both seasoned viewers and recent arrivals.

Varieties of Traffic Sources: Find out where your viewers access your recordings. Are they seeing your videos on their home screen, in the suggested videos, or in the search results?

Be Consistent

Consistency is vital when it comes to growing your YouTube channel. You need to create content regularly and make sure that your content is consistent in quality, style, and format. Consistency helps build trust with your audience, making it easier for them to remember your channel and return for more.

Offer Value to Your Viewers

Offering value to your viewers is crucial to growing your YouTube channel. You must create content that solves problems, answers questions, and provides entertainment. Ensure that your videos offer value to your viewers, whether it’s information, inspiration, or a good laugh. When your viewers feel like they’re getting something of value from your channel, they’re more likely to stick around and become subscribers.

Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be an excellent way to grow your YouTube channel quickly. You can use platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to promote your YouTube videos to a targeted audience. Ensure you create compelling ads encouraging people to click on your YouTube channel.

Use End Screens and Annotations

End screens and annotations are a great way to encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. End screens appear at the end of your videos, and they can include a call-to-action to subscribe to your channel. Annotations are clickable text overlays that you can add to your videos, and they can also have calls to action to subscribe.

Host a Giveaway

Hosting giveaways can also help get more subscribers to your YouTube channel. You can offer a prize like a free product or a gift card to encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Ensure you promote your giveaway on social media and in your videos and make it easy for people to enter by using a tool like Gleam or Rafflecopter.

Optimize Your Channel Page

Your YouTube channel page is like your home base on the platform, and it’s essential to optimize it if you want to grow your channel. Ensure that your channel page includes the following:

  • A clear description of your channel.
  • Links to your social media profiles and website.
  • A visually appealing banner image.

You should also organize your videos into playlists to make it easy for viewers to find their desired content.

Post Videos at the Best Time

The ideal time to upload a video to YouTube depends on the audience and type of video. Because YouTube is a global platform, what works best for your tech material may not work best for games. We advise experimenting with various periods and reviewing your YouTube analytics to gauge engagement.

According to data from Frederator Networks, the best days to post on YouTube are believed to be Thursday and Friday, with 3 pm being the hour that generates the most engagement. Compared to most other social media platforms, you don’t need to post content seconds or minutes before your audience visits the site because YouTube’s suggested videos aren’t on a traditional feed.



Growing your YouTube channel and getting more subscribers is a process that takes effort and time, but it’s worthy in the long run. Growing a YouTube channel and gaining subscribers requires a strategic approach to putting in the work. By implementing the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of achieving your goal and growing YouTube subscribers in 30 days. You can also use third-party apps like FBPostLikes to buy subscribers easily. They provide real subscribers at a low cost. Several plans are available there in FBPostLikes, and you can choose your plan as per your requirement. Get followers quickly and enjoy success over YouTube.

However, it’s important to remember that your number of subscribers does not solely determine success on YouTube. It’s also about building a community of engaged and loyal viewers who value your content. So, focus on creating quality content that resonates with your target audience, engaging with your viewers, and continuously improving your channel. With dedication and persistence, you can grow your YouTube channel and achieve your goals.