How can the files of PSA be ‘missing’

Can it happen anywhere in the country that important files pertaining to enactment of a legislation be not available with the Government? Is this what is called governance? It is learnt that the Government finds itself relieved of the possession of vital and sensitive records pertaining to enactment of Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act of 1978 which is a critical and indispensible tool to snare and straighten the ones indulging in anti – national activities. About there being no records of this important legislation is not based on any surmises or conjectures but the State Home Department itself has revealed one more instance of inefficiency of those officials who have been drawing salaries from the public exchequer to safeguard and protect such vital records. There will be cock and bull stories making rounds about who, when and where – regarding the fate of the requisite records, if the state authorities are asked to account for the files and records ‘walking out ‘from the strong rooms to loiter in the open never to return.
It is really shocking as it is perturbing. An appeal before the State Information Commission by an applicant and during the proceedings thereof could unravel this startling state of affairs of how vital and sensitive documents were being dealt with. Needless to mention that the PSA was amended in the years 1985, 1988, 2002 and 2012 which means additions to the existing records made and rendering the filing and preserving more important and critical papers and documents as extremely important. The other face of the coin is that in respect of redundant and obsolete laws, there were proper records but not in respect of the one under reference. Can an inquiry reveal the mystery behind such a deliberate goof and other allied issues so that responsibilities could be fixed and action taken against the personnel found responsible ?