Houses, agri land damaged, road link cut off in Dudu Basantgarah villages

Excelsior Correspondent
UDHAMPUR, Aug 7: Many families at Gandhtop village near Rasli Gadharan in tehsil Basantgarh have been badly affected by the landslide triggered by continuous rains.
Locals of the area informed that houses and agricultural land of many people have been damaged in continuous landslide.
Kuldeep Kumar, a leader of tribal Gaddi community informed that the area is dominated by his community people many of whom have lost their homes due to landslide about three years back.
He further said that apart from this there are many people whose agriculture land has also been damaged in the continuous landslides
Many other villagers also echoed similar views.
When contacted Dudu Basantgarh Block Development Council (BDC) Chairman, Kewal Parihar said that few days back the slide put three houses in the area in highly risk zone and they have shifted the people living in those house to safe places.
“Three years back about 13 houses were damaged in Gandtop village due to landslide which is still continuing as no restoration was done by the administration for that,” he informed adding that it is a muddy mountain there which dries up in sunny days and triggers landslides during continuous rains
Parihar said that the road in the area is nearly closed for the last 40 days due to landslide leaving villages of 7-8 Panchayats completely cut off in block Duru Basantgarh.
“So far the victims have got no help from the government as apart from damage to the houses, agriculture land in the area has also been damaged,” he maintained.
The BDC Chairman said earlier the government had assured compensating the victims by giving them State land which is also available there but nothing has been done so far in this regard.
“We voluntarily helped the victims but administration has done nothing in this regard so far,” he claimed.
“We are carrying on talks with district administration as the houses at risk zones can be saved by placing crates of erecting retention walls but the administration says they have no funds,” Parihar said.