Sunday June 28-2020

Aries : Today ideas will flood your mind, but it is good that you will be able to carry them out efficiently. However, Ganesha warns you not to take brash decisions. Wise people will help you along the way. Pay heed to the advise of experienced people.

Taurus : The stars are very auspiciously disposed towards you, announces Ganesha. You have an exceptionally bright and enjoyable day ahead of you. All events and situations will work in your favour. If you are pursuing higher studies you will perform brilliantly. Those appearing for competitive examinations are likely to score very high. The powerful yogas formed by the planets today distinctly promise all this, and more.

Gemini : It is a day filled with joy and happiness on the home front. You will spend a lot of time with children. You will complete long pending household projects as well as take an interest in ironing out differences between family members, says Ganesha.

Cancer : There is a chance today to benefit from womenfolk. Though you are methodical and disciplined in your work, you will feel rudderless. Yet you will et relief from this monotony and feel jovial, says Ganesha.

Leo : You will not be able to reap the rewards of your hard work fully today. You will take all matters very seriously today. You will feel a sense of responsibility and will try to find lasting solutions to problems today. It is a good day to put to rest some worries that have been haunting you for some time now, says Ganesha.

Virgo : You will enchant people with your adaptability and your desire to gel with your surroundings. For those who are in love, something unexpected may take place, but there is no need to panic as by and by things will turn out to be in your interest. You will spend quality time with your family. Ganesha advises you to strengthen bonding in the family by taking on responsibility and honouring your family traditions.

Libra : Ganesha says that today in your office you should be very careful in your work. It is likely that your superiors will not be happy about your work or your ability today. Those of you who are businessmen should try and delay sending off tenders today. Those who have given their job interviews may not get a favorable response to it. There may be a delay in getting your call letters. Ganeshji advises to be very careful in each and every undertaking of yours today.

Scorpio : There’s always a first time, and today is the day when you would seal a profitable deal for your new business venture. However, close the deal only if it is beneficial for a long term. Be cautious and watch your steps carefully to avoid any unfortunate situation.

Sagittarius : Your far-sightedness and brilliance will not only impress your peers, but also help you to rope in big clients and huge projects. Cheers to that! Thanks to your systematic and disciplined approach, you are entitled to be the ‘most desirable’ employee of the company. Business may look forward to huge profits, predicts Ganesha.

Capricorn : Print and electronic media will attract your attention, if you’re just planning to begin your career. Your spiritual and philosophical approach give you inner peace, and also inspire you to visit a holy place. Overall, you will have a balanced day, today, says Ganesha.

Aquarius : You will feel deeply inclined towards development and research, today. Actions speak louder than words, and your efforts and overall growth will speak plenty about your character. Your romantic side will come to the fore today. You will be willing to do anything and everything to bring a bright smile on the face of sweetheart, feels Ganesha, all of it will get noticed. Enjoy the good times!

Pisces : For those who are salaried, today should be a progressive day for you. Important meetings at the work-place will benefit from your presence and the suggestions you have to make. This should enhance your relationship with your superiors. Compliments galore will come your way throughout the day. There are also indications of an important event occurring in your personal life today, says Ganesha.